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Applications of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Cover imageThe increasing power need for air-conditioning generally in most industrialized nations, in addition to refrigeration demands in the food processing area and also the preservation of pharmaceutical products, is resulting in an increasing curiosity about solar power air conditioning systems. Thus far, the greater amount of commonly systems used tend to be single-effect water/lithium bromide absorption chillers running on flat-plate or evacuated tube collectors operating with COP of about 0.5–0.8 and operating temperatures of 75–95 °C. Overall terms, performance of thermally driven cooling methods increases to about 1.1–1.4 making use of double-effect cycles provided by higher temperature resources (140–180 °C). If solar energy is usually to be utilized, concentrating technologies should be considered. While some experiences from the integration of parabolic trough collectors (PTC) and Fresnel lenses in air conditioning installments are available in the literary works, the number is far is similar to that of low temperature collectors. Some producers have actually undertaken the introduction of modular, small, lightweight and low cost parabolic collectors, appropriate for set up from the roofs associated with buildings planning to get over a number of the existing technology drawbacks as prices and modularity. After a thorough literary works analysis, this work summarises the prevailing experiences and realizations on programs of PTC in solar power air conditioning methods along with provide a survey for the brand-new collectors with prospective application in feeding two fold result absorption chillers. In addition to this, it is evaluated its use as a periodic substitute for various other solar power thermal enthusiasts in air-con programs by dynamical simulation. Results for the outcome studies created in this work program that PTC present similar levelized costs of power for air conditioning than flat-plate collector (FPC) and less than evacuated pipe enthusiasts (ETC) and chemical parabolic enthusiasts (CPC).


  • Solar energy;
  • Parabolic-trough collector;
  • Solar focus;
  • Solar power cooling;
  • Consumption chiller;
  • System characteristics simulation

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