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Air Conditioning Refrigeration cycle

The Refrigeration pattern DiagramThe above drawing illustrates a straightforward air conditioning equipment. Inside an air fitness system is a chemical refrigerant which is a chemical mixture that quickly changes says from fluid to vapor and rear. A common trade name for refrigerant which you might be aware of is Freon.

In addition to refrigerant, an ac system needs at the least four elements, the compressor, condenser, metering product, and evaporator.

Component # 1: The Compressor

The compressor may be the heart of the system. Like your heart pumps blood throughout your human body at a specific flow rate and pressure, the compressor pumps the refrigerant through the air-conditioning system at a designed movement rate and force.

When the refrigerant goes into the compressor it really is in a vapor state. It enters the compressor since it is literally being sucked engrossed. That is why along side it of the compressor in which refrigerant enters is named the suction side or low-pressure part. As its’ name reveals the compressor compresses the vapor because it's becoming pumped through it. When a vapor is compressed both stress and heat of the vapor increases. The vapor leaving the compressor is very hot. You're getting burned if you decide to touch the copper refrigerant lines coming off of the compressor. In overhead diagram the ruthless vapor refrigerant is represented by purple dots.

Component number 2: The Condenser

The high temperature refrigerant passes into a condenser coil. Since the vapor refrigerant moves through coil, air from an admirer passes within the coil to cool the vapor refrigerant. As vapor cools it condenses and becomes a liquid, this is certainly described as a “change of state”. This “change of state” from vapor to fluid is vital. Perhaps you are notably familiar with an average residence system in which the condensing product sits external. Whenever running it is possible to spot your give this unit and have the warm air becoming blown out. Inside this condensing device high-temperature vapor refrigerant is entering into it, because the temperature power into the vapor is removed by blowing air across the condenser coil, the vapor modifications to a liquid. You can expect to soon observe that the warmth becoming blown from the condensing device may be the heat that used to be in your home. Into the above drawing the fluid is represented by solid purple.

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