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goodman-air-conditioner-reviewAre the issues With Goodman ac units As Bad As Their Ratings Would Indicate?

When Consumer Reports released their particular latest ratings of the most trustworthy ac companies, just York ac units were ranked lower than the Goodman brand. Exactly how can it be that Goodman air conditioning units, more frequently set up brand inside U.S., can have these types of a terrible rating in terms of reliability? May be the top-notch Goodman air conditioners actually that bad, or perhaps is indeed there even more for this story?

Many people are astonished to find out that more or less most of the top air conditioner brands depend on the same makers to produce the main components like compressors, and engines because of their gear. As an example, you’ll discover Copeland compressors in every the most notable brands of ac units. Likewise, all the top brands make use of lover motors from either AO Smith or GE. Therefore if Goodman ac units are made utilizing the exact same elements as other, much more trustworthy brands, there needs to be several other reason Goodman ac units fair so defectively in Consumer Reports reliability positioning, right?

shady-ac-contractorin reality, there are other elements besides the top-notch the gear impacting Goodman’s ratings. The most notable rated air conditioner brands in Consumer Reports’ yearly ranks all have actually strict demands for companies and technicians who is able to purchase and install their gear. Goodman doesn't have restrictions on who can buy and put in their particular ac units. None. Zero. Nada.

While various other companies is only going to allow certified contractors buying their particular air conditioning units, and need continuous training when it comes to professionals which install all of them, anybody can get and put in a Goodman product - even if they aren’t licensed and now have no training. This is basically the key ingredient within the meal for disaster which includes triggered Goodman air conditioning units building such a bad reputation for dependability problems.

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