VRV air conditioning systems installation

Something VRV

VRV (adjustable refrigerant volume) is
an air-condition system for
commercial building application
with advanced specific area

Which are the features of a VRV system over main air-con system?

Individual Control
Old-fashioned methods air-condition a building as a whole, whereas the VRV system air circumstances each room separately. Thus its ideal for the continuously switching occupancy of the building. Further, precise level control can be done that responds into the precise circumstances in each room. Individual control promotes an even more affordable and efficient system.

Other advantages

  • Saves Energy
  • Conserves room
  • Provides several designs
  • Runs over a broad heat
  • provides superior design versatility
  • Enhances ease of use
  • Delivers ultimate dependability
  • Simplifies set up

How does the VRV system benefits property owners?

  1. Comfortable and economical
  2. Changes effortlessly to your floor program.
  3. Quick installation time
  4. Main control system.
  5. Efficient space application
  6. Tall dependability.
  7. Low running sound of level

Do you know the advantages of consultant and design offices?

  1. Offers are created choice of designs
  2. Lang piping design
  3. Can be put in for every flooring
  4. Air refreshing therapy
  5. Light-weight outside units
  6. Wide range of control system
  7. Quick design times

Exactly what are the advantages for user?

  • exact room-temperature control
  • automobile swing
  • LCD remoter operator
  • reduced working sound design
  • car restart purpose

Advantages for owners

With Daikin’s proprietary inverter technology and cutting- side control technology for refrigerant, the VRV III ac system works with outstanding performance. This plays a role in high-energy savings that are top quality in the industry, which considerably reduces your working expenses and facilitates definitely better building administration.

Advantages for contractors

Daikin provides a concise design for VRV III outside products by additional enhancing gear functions, exceeding the norm for air-con methods. Compact devices enable installation in minimal places, such rooftops, and use up less efficient area. Better installation work realizes quickly conclusion eventually to spare.

Benefit for people

To provide a cushty atmosphere environment, Daikin provides air treatment methods beyond simple air conditioning. Also taking air to a comfortable temperature, air high quality can be treated with ventilation, humidification, alongside processes. Ease of use is understood through advanced, centralized control systems.

Advantages for professionals and Design workplaces

Daikin’s VRV methods include indoor and outside units obtainable in many models for assorted building sizes and set up circumstances. Very long refrigerant piping lengths and other features put few constraints on design for great versatility in satisfying the requirements of the building.


VRV II- is a compilation of cutting- edge technologies based on a person very first plan
Daikin has put comprehensive cutting- side technologies in to the VRV II, derived fro, its Customer very first plan and twenty years of experience using the VRV program. Leading to quieter procedure, smaller products, sleeker designs, and simpler set up and upkeep, with greater COP.

Quieter, Smaller, Sleeker, Simpler
VRV II – Greater Energy Savings with a greater COP.


A sensible ac to accommodate small offices and shops.

Space-saving, adequate ability, Slim design, Silent operation and Single phase power supply- considering this ‘5S’ idea, Daikin have redesigned the acclaimed VRV II system aiming to provide the accurate power and compactness needs by small offices and stores. Exposing the special version of the VRV II system- the VRV II – S.

The ‘5S’ notion of VRV II – S

  • Space-saving
  • Adequate ability
  • Silent procedure
  • Single-phase power

Wide Range of Alternatives

To suit every space in little workplaces and stores, the VRV II – S system offers number of interior and outdoor units.


VRV III- Developed to facilitate much more versatile system design in large – size structures

Daikin proudly presents the latest VRV III series, which is suitable to large- sized buildings. This new ac system provides outside devices that increase air-con capability as much as 54 HP. It incorporates numerous outstanding features, such a wide range of outside and interior devices, longer real and complete piping size, and large additional static force. The VRV III show supplies the energy and versatility you may need for flexible design and simple installation in huge – sized structures.

  • Outdoor units with large capacities
  • Wide variety and an increased wide range of connectable indoor products
  • Extensive real and total optimum piping length
  • Extended level distinction between outside devices and interior devices
  • Large exterior static pressure
  • 2 kinds of outside device combinations

Quicker installation and maintenance

  • Memory purpose for functional information
  • Automatic test operation

A sense of obligation

  • Tall COP/Energy cost savings
  • Compliant with the RoHS Directive
  • Less likelihood of refrigerant leakage

Improved comfort

  • Outside devices designed for quiet procedure
  • Effective compressor
  • Nighttime quiet operation work

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