VRF system is the first

VRF systems in air conditioning

Описание мультизональных VRF систем Toshibarecently user objectives of air cooling methods have altered. They demand a variety of services that optimise's room convenience and reduces energy and maintenance expenses, along with maximised simplicity and running flexibility.

The Toshiba VRF systems will be the perfected answer to these requirements and therefore are more and more made use of as an option to standard water based cooling and heating methods.

Adjustable refrigerant flow advantages of some great benefits of direct expansion connected to inverter control and most advanced electronic control. This technology has its own benefits, from system design into the set up and operation phase. The number of indoor products tends to make VRF probably the most flexible option to satisfy any building requirement.

You will find three Toshiba VRF system ranges:

  • Toshiba MiNi-SMMS is a tiny VRF system (up to 9 interior products, to 15 kW) appropriate light commercial and residential programs. It absolutely was built to connect the space between the flexible multi-split methods plus the bigger ability associated with the SMMS.
  • Toshiba SMMS (Super Modular Multi System) is considered the most higher level heat pump system available on the market supplying a COP of 4.25 with its 22.4kW dimensions. Products can be found with capabilities from 14 to 135 kW in cooilng and from 16 to 150kW in home heating, and their particular exemplary efficiency allows a reduction as high as 50% in annual power usage.
  • Toshiba SHRM 3-pipe VRF system presents crucial innovations using the chance to offer simultaneous heating and cooling to different zones or spaces. The lightweight movement selector makes it possible for the system to warm and cool off simultaneously and can be used in restricted spaces. The soothing capacity range is from 22.4 to 84 kW and the home heating ability are priced between 25 to 95 kW. To 48 interior devices can be connected to a single system.

With VRF devices, Toshiba establishes new technological criteria, integrating DC twin-rotary compressors throughout outdoor units, suitable for the high-density refrigerant R410A. Due to the utilization of these dual-compressor methods, the device procedure load is distributed much more evenly, with a special controller controlling the running series of outdoor units and specific compressors.

All Toshiba VRF outside products along with ducted and cassette indoor products were created in Japan, on Fuji factory.

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