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Popular features of Separate Systems

Our Split System air cooling in Gold Coast will leave the room cool and dried out during the summer, warm and comfortable in cold weather. These Split air conditioners are created to offer you utmost comfort throughout the year. Remote control and air purification filters are some of the numerous functions available.split2 We provide and install Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Toshiba Split Air Conditioning to all areas of the Gold Coast including Tweed and Northern streams location.

Huge cooling and heating capabilities, smart styling and very advanced features combine to help keep the inside ambience constantly fresh and pleasant.

Split System Air Conditioners includes these functions and benefits:

  • Cooling performance even at 50 degrees outdoor temperature and as low as -15 degrees.
  • Suitable for programs that need up to 25m distance between your indoor and outdoor units.
  • Panasonic Inverter ac units have the flexibility to vary the rotation rate associated with compressor, letting them use less energy to steadfastly keep up the ready heat while also being able to cool as well as heat the room quicker at launch.
  • Steady indoor comfort and reduced room temperature changes.
  • Auto/Dry/Turbo/Sleep modes.
  • 24/7 time with automobile off and on options.

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