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hvac area duct dampers in SIP architectural insulated panel cabinAh, just what exactly precisely is it concealed flaw? "My HVAC man place a zoned system within my home and told me it absolutely was the pet's pajamas, " you may well be contemplating today. Or even your HVAC installer described it as the bee's legs, the eel's ankle, or perhaps the elephant's instep. Doesn't matter. However they described it, there is one-piece they definitely should never have put in.

First, let us be precise within language and clear up precisely what we're referring to. The word zoning is used in more than a proven way in framework of heating and air conditioning methods in a home. First, bigger homes are always zoned. That is, they've multiple thermostat to help you control the conditions separately in various components of the house. When you yourself have a two-story household, like, you probably have about two thermostats — one upstairs and something downstairs.

One other method in which the term 'zoning' is used will be explain just one duct system mounted on a single HVAC system that acts numerous zones. Generally in most houses, each thermostat is connected to its very own cooling and heating system. Home is zoned, although HVAC system is certainly not. In a 'zoned system, ' just one hvac system is managed by numerous thermostats in several areas.

"seriously, guy, simply let me know just what the flaw is!"

hvac zoned system bypass duct ventingHold in. Hold on. We're getting indeed there.

Into the photo above, the 3 green lights are part of three zone dampers that control the flow of air to three individual areas. According to the needs of the home, any combination of 1, 2, or 3 zone dampers can be available and giving conditioned air to their particular areas.

If only one or two of the areas tend to be phoning for air, many air handlers will generate extra fixed pressure because a few regarding the pathways are shut off. Enter the bypass duct, shown at right. Whenever system is operating yet not all zone dampers are available, the bypass duct—in theory—is designed to alleviate the additional force and continue maintaining good ventilation throughout the duct system.

In the Affordable Comfort meeting in 2010, I went along to a talk on zoned duct methods in which John Proctor and Rick Chitwood talked about the pros and disadvantages of these methods. Proctor's simply take is actually that zoned methods are awful and really shouldn't be properly used. Chitwood likes them and says whenever done right, they provide excellent performance.

On a single point, though, they both conformed: avoid ducts must not be used.

Listed below are three main reasons why:

  • The bypass duct steals atmosphere. Despite having all three zone dampers open, the bypass duct has a huge pressure huge difference across it, and environment is lazy. It's going to cheat and use the road of minimum weight whenever you can, in cases like this the bypass duct.
  • Not only is a colder evaporator coil less efficient, additionally it is more prone to freeze-up, since the condensation it gathers in the course of time drops below the freezing point. (and when you might think a bypass duct is detrimental to venting, a frozen coil is way even worse. It's really hard to press atmosphere through an excellent block of ice.)

All sorts of things that zoned duct methods tend to be difficult. I actually do believe that Chitwood is appropriate, but therefore is Proctor. I believe Proctor's main objection actually that zoned methods can't work; it really is they are done wrong so frequently. Ultimately, when you do get one, make absolutely sure the installer doesn't devote a bypass duct.

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