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mitsubishi hvac mini separated temperature pump carl green curmudgeon sevilleLast week, (EVER rater and Green Curmudgeon) Carl Seville and I also took a vacation around Suwannee, Georgia to consult with the Mitsubishi HVAC center and learn more about their particular ductless heat pumps. I've pointed out here before whenever I get the opportunity to build a home for myself once more, i would ike to eradicate the ducts through ductless mini-split temperature pumps, and Mitsubishi is one of the top brands.

Discover the reason why I would like to go ductless:

  • Duct methods can be performed correct but almost never are, hence robbing the cooling and heating system of its effectiveness and performance.
  • Duct systems take-up plenty of room in attics, basements, as well as other elements of the house.
  • HVAC specialists do not understand - and frequently never value - ducts.
  • Mini-splits are some of the best methods (up to 26 SEER).
  • Mini-splits can be bought in smaller sizes and may better match the heating and cooling loads inside your home.

Mitsubishi's type of residential ductless heat pumps is called the Mr. Slim. It really is a split system heat pump, meaning that the compressor and condensing coil are out-of-doors, in addition to evaporator coil and blower tend to be inside. Because respect, it's such as your typical 'central' air conditioning unit or temperature pump. You can tell if a house has actually a mini-split by studying the outdoor condensing device (photo right).ductless heat pump condensing unit mr slim hvac they are thinner and smaller than the standard ducted system condensing product.

The interior unit are attached to a wall, put into the roof, or lay on the floor. At the Mitsubishi center, we saw all three designs, and you may see photos of these below.

Wall mount (set off through the wall surface here but mounted flush in a home)

Floor mount (are recessed in to the wall)

Ceiling cassette

ductless temperature pump wall surface mount head hvacBesides arriving smaller sizes (down to 6000 Btu/hour, half the minimum measurements of regular system), mini-split temperature pumps can modulate the total amount of heating or air conditioning through variable refrigerant circulation (VRF) to suit the actual loads in the home, not just the design loads. They may be also perfect for zoning a home and restricting the actual quantity of power you use for cooling and heating.

The knock against mini-splits is the fact that some individuals find them ugly. They do not want to have that device to their wall surface, no matter if it is peaceful. Ceiling cassettes tend to be a alternative. Ducted mini-splits are another, in addition they permit you to conceal the head above a dropped roof, as an example, and operate short ducts for return and offer atmosphere.

Another downside is even 6000 Btu/hour is simply too big for a higher overall performance home that will have a number of heads (the interior product). The reason that Mitsubishi does this appears to be for simple manufacturing. They make as couple of various evaporator coil dimensions that you can.

Despite these weaknesses, the ductless mini-split temperature pump is a great concept and, I believe, increase in appeal due to the several benefits. There's a ductless temperature pump project when you look at the Pacific Northwest that promotes and tracks the installation of these methods. We learned about this from Bruce Manclark on current ACI meeting in San Francisco, in which he stated they have a 98per cent customer care price through about 10, 000 installations.

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