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Best Ducted Air Conditioning Brand

So far in this series, we’ve run you through the various air conditioning systems on the market and shown you how to choose one that suits your home and lifestyle. This third part of the series helps you find a quality system without paying a premium for features you won’t use.

Warranty and After Sales Service

Buying a truly low priced brand are a false economic climate if it needs changing after just a few years. Spend more in a good device that persists substantially longer and costs a lot less to perform.

An excellent indicator of system high quality is warranty protection – ask about the warranty duration, whether or not it covers parts and labour, exclusions and statements frequency. Good after sales solution is important when your aircon reduces – enquire about waiting times for warranty or solution calls, accessibility to components and an area service agent.

Split Techniques

iSave fresh air consumption systemEfficiency and working expenses

The greater amount of efficient the air conditioner reaches heating and cooling, the low the operating prices are. Heating and cooling performance is measured given that Coefficient of Performance (COP) and energy savings Rating (EER) respectively and are usually reported regarding the manufacturers’ leaflets. The greater the quantity the greater. Air conditioning units must show their star reviews. The vitality Rating website allows you to compare the effectiveness of various labels of split system (including ducted reverse pattern) underneath the exact same working circumstances, however it doesn’t offer operating costs where in actuality the unit is managed somewhat above or below ability.


A split system ac with an inverter is quieter and much more energy saving than a non-inverter (fixed rate) product. Inverters slow the fan rate to steadfastly keep up the desired heat. Non-inverters turn off whenever desired temperature is achieved and reverse on as soon as the heat is different around 2°C from desired temperature.

System Size

Daikin has got the largest range, with an electric output (whenever air conditioning) of 2-9 kW in wall split methods and 6-25 kW in ducted reverse ac units. Other companies only cover the most used production ranges.

Cool Breeze showing weather condition seal sealed plus in exhaust modeDucted Reverse pattern

Standard Features

  • Ducted reverse pattern air conditioners are less efficient when operate substantially under capability. Should you want to regularly air-condition just a tiny percentage of your house when compared to system’s capability after that invest in a model where compressor ramps down substantially (example. Actron or the new Daikin L series). The capability range is shown on manufacturers’ brochures.
  • In the event the house has actually three-phase power essentially put in a three-phase ducted reverse period air conditioning equipment. In case the home has single-phase energy install just one stage unit (few brands have actually single phase ac units over 14kW).
AirStream-izone-premium-remote-control Canstar blue 2014

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