Automotive Air Conditioning diagnosis

Diagnosing difficulties with an air training system can be quite complicated. This section will take care of some common issues linked to the A/C system. Constantly wear safety cups and gloves. Keep all loose fit garments and the body parts from going parts. For issues not covered below, a professional auto mechanic or specialist is consulted. Find a repair shop.

Cool But Not Cold

In the event that air-con is defined to max cool and followers on high, but is just blowing moderately cool air:

  • Determine that the cooling followers in the condenser or radiator tend to be operating if the air cooling is on.
  • Choose any restrictions like leaves, pests or dust that would keep atmosphere from driving on the condenser.
  • Look at the pressures in system using a manifold measure ready. The recommended high-side and low-side pressures are available in the repair manual.


    Whenever diagnosing an ac issue, it is easiest to begin at compressor.

  • Using the engine working turn the A/C on maximum cool, set followers large, while making certain that the clutch is engaging on the compressor.
  • Note: it is not the pulley, nevertheless hub that engages the pulley into the compressor shaft. In the event that clutch is engaging and disengaging rapidly, the refrigerant is low.
  • When there is voltage - the clutch might bad.
  • If there is no voltage - a cycling switch may be bad, a fuse is blown and the system might not have sufficient refrigerant pressure to trip the low stress cutoff switch that cycles the compressor.


    Leaks would be the common problem linked to the air-con system.

    If pressure is reduced, then there could be a leak.

  • Using an Ultraviolet A/C leak recognition kit is the easiest method discover a drip.
  • Proceed with the guidelines on the packaging to introduce Ultraviolet dye toward system and Ultraviolet light to find the leak.
  • Search around for all accessories to validate they are all safe.

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